Traumatic Brain Injury

TBI Inform - Hypoxic/Anoxic Brain Injury

Hypoxia refers to a reduction of oxygen supply to the body tissues, which includes the brain. Anoxia is a more extreme condition in which there is no oxygen in the bloodstream

Anoxic Brain Damage

Brain Injury in the Community
Living with a brain injury can require a range of resources, strategies and supports. The range of possible supports can be tremendous. Below is a list of common issues that can arise, with links to publications and/or other website with useful information. For more information please contact the Brain Injury Association of America at

Alternative Medicines     
Challenge Issue on Alternative Medicine
National Insitutes of Health Alternative Medicine Information
Brain Injury Association Caregiver Webinar on Alternative Medicine

Assistive Technology      
Assistive Technology Tip Card
Assistive Technology Checklist for PDA's
Resources for Finding and Funding AT Devices
Family Caregivers Article on Assistive Technology

Behavioral Challenges      
Road to Rehabilitation Part 4 - Behavior and Brain Injury
Cognition and Behavior

More Resources

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