Paul E. Mix

By Dixie Mix

Save Date: 11/3/08

We had been walking Highland Mall on a regular schedule every week, Monday through Friday, and while walking at about 10:00 a.m. on November 3, 2008, Paul told me he didn't feel good. When I looked at him he was very pale.  I got him against the rail and asked him if he could stand there while I looked for a chair or nearby bench; there was none.  He then told me he needed to lay down, so I got the attention of an employee, Fidel Salazar, who was cleaning the escalator, and he helped me lower Paul to the floor.  While Fidel helped me, another employee, Carlos Ignacio, informed the guards of the emergency.  Security guards, Captain Criselda Ozuna and Officer Jamael Jackson came to our aid, and thankfully, the guards were all CPR trained.

Criselda had worked at Highland Mall as a guard for seven years and had never touched the on-site AED, but on that morning when it was time for her to come inside from patrolling the parking lot, she picked up the AED and carried it inside with her.  She got halfway down the wing when she got the emergency call. She had what she needed in her hand and ran to our side.

At that point, I had Paul's chest exposed, so Criselda put the AED pads on him.  It said "Scanning; needs shock; hands off," and nothing happened. The three of us went back trying to stimulate Paul to breathe, and then the AED repeated the statement.  That time, Paul's left shoulder twitched, but there was no heartbeat or breathing.  We went back to stimulating, and then the AED said: "Scanning; need Chest compressions and Mouth to Mouth," so Jameal performed the chest compressions while Criselda gave Paul the breath of life.

The first thing Paul said when he was revived was, "I need to vomit," which he waited to do until he was in the ambulance.  While this was going on, Rob Ledbetter, head of mall operations, called 9-1-1. When the EMS attendants arrived, Paul was breathing, and they transported him to Heart Hospital where Dr. Joanne Tsai implanted a pacemaker/defibrilator.

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