Jerry Jolliff

My name is Jerry Jolliff and I died on February 3rd, 2009. No warning, no pain, felt a little warm–that’s it. I went down for the count–let me digress. My girlfriend and I were taking a vegetable gardening course at Campbell Community Center in Campbell, California. I went  outside for a smoke and a drink of water, came in, sat down, and lights out. 9-1-1 was called, but God couldn’t wait; so he sent me an angel named Kelly Hall who was disguised that night as a lifeguard at the swimming pool. She started administering CPR at once. Then God’ s second angel, James Martinez, a man angel, came in with a fully charged AED. He hooked me up and “charged” me two or three times until my heart kicked back on.

After a week of hundreds of people singing “whistle while you work,” I was recuperating from two bypasses, and two stents and my girlfriend who as of this writing is my wife (I blame it all on the morphine).

But seriously, without Kelly and James' intervention on my behalf, and their quick action, I would not be enjoying the married life, and going back to work, and able to tell my story!

I believe in heroes and angels. I know two of them.

Jerry Jolliff and his wife Nancy are members of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the SCAA.

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