Joy Day

Joy DaySave Date: July 31, 2010

Hello! My name is Joy and I'm a SCA survivor. On July 31, 2010 I was shopping in a store and I passed out. The clerks knew me as I'm in there all the time. They told me that I came to the counter saying I didn't feel well and– bam– I passed out. 

The clerk (Sara), who was 7 months pregnant, gave me CPR until paramedics arrived. They shocked me at the store, and 3 times on the way to hospital. Now I don't remember anything, not even the day at the store, or the day before that. I don't even remember the 8 days in the hospital. I don't remember any of my family being there; all 4 of my sisters came from out of state and town they took pictures of everyone in case I didn't remember them – how sad for them!

I was on a ventilator, was given therapeutic hypothermia, etc. The doctors told my family that there may not be much of a chance for my survival, and if I did survive, I might have brain damage. There was a greater chance of recovery if I had CPR done on me after the episode... no one knew if this was the case. My family called the store and found out the clerk did CPR so they were more optimistic about my recovery.

I now have a ICD/pacemaker. My dear sweet husband's birthday is on August 1 and I am so thankful I did not pass on his birthday. I am so very thankful that I am alive to tell my story and enjoy my dear sweet husband and my beautiful children and grandchild. Thank you God!

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