Stephen L. Woodcock

Save Date: May 2, 2009

May 2nd dawned bright and sunny in Kokomo, Indiana, and Steve thought it would be a perfect day for a bike ride. After taking his wife out for breakfast and running a few errands, Steve got on the bike and headed out. His last words were, "I'll be home for the Derby." Watching the Kentucky Derby is a tradition in the home of these transplanted Kentuckians.

The next thing Steve knew it was two-and-a-half weeks later and he was in the ICU of Howard Regional Hospital. He remembered nothing of what had happened. He appeared to know his wife but not where he lived, and most of his other memories appeared fuzzy.

Steve was riding his bike on Hwy 26 in Kokomo when he experienced sudden cardiac arrest. He and the bike fell across the highway, and fortunately for him this happened in front of the Webber family who happened to be in their front yard. They saw it happen and immediately ran to Steve's aid. They administered CPR, stopped traffic, and called 911. Then along came a nurse who also stopped and continued CPR, as did two EMT's who had been mushroom-hunting. An ambulance came, and with the use of an AED, Steve was shocked. His pulse returned, and he was then transported to Howard Regional Hospital.

"In the meantime, a deputy sheriff had come to my door telling me that my husband had been taken to Howard ER," remembers Steve's wife. "He didn't think my husband was hurt bad, so it was a shock to arrive at the hospital to find that Steve had suffered sudden cardiac arrest. My question was "why?", for Steve had always been fit and exercised daily.

Now Steve is home and very glad to be alive. He continues to receive therapy at home, and is well aware that it is a miracle he is alive today. Every day is all the more precious to him and his wife of 41 years.


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